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Tesla Bluu Spotlight

Tesla Bluu Spotlight

When did you notice that you had Psychic abilities?

At the age of eight, I knew that I was different. The way I communicated with the people around me were with expressions and emotional approaches that healed or talked to who they were, and what they have been through. Jokingly, I would give family and relationship advice, without realizing I was truly helping these people. By the age of sixteen, I reached out to spiritual advisors and ministers to figure out who I am now, a prophet of God.

What is the most rewarding part being an advisor? 

When a client comes into a chat with me, I see them as a brother or sister in the eyes of God. This allows me to tap into that maternal self, so it makes our connection more interactive and a learning process into their own spiritual awakening. Clients do not only receive clarity, but they receive empowerment and enlightenment on their situation and themselves. This makes my work gratifying.

What makes your readings unique? Why should someone looking for a reading come to you?

 As a spiritual advisor. I provide spiritual readings, and that is the type of guidance people need in this day and age. Spiritual readings don't only give clarity on a situation, but they give the empowerment and enlightenment to over come the situation. This works for people who aren't on their spiritual path as well because I can assist them through the eyes of God. I'm able to look at my client's path and spiritual walk of life, so my guidance and insight will help open up or ease people into a spiritual awakening. It's a win on top of another win.

How does the spirit world communicate with you?

As a prophet of God, I have the ability to see, feel, hear, and smell spiritually. God communicates with me by allowing me to have access to the senses we use daily but through a spiritual channel. 

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