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Psychic Elana Spotlight

Psychic Elana Spotlight

When did you notice that you had Psychic abilities?

When I was 10 years old, I was getting ready to go to bed one night. And suddenly started to feel very nervous. I fell asleep and inside of my dream I seen a vision of my grandfather, my grandfather at the time was very ill. And In the dream he was walking in a beautiful Garden with flowers of colors I have never seen before, And as I was watching him walk through this colorful garden a feeling of peace came over my body and spirit. In my dream he spoke words to me and told me Do not weep in sorrow for me anymore I am not in pain anymore, I have lived a beautiful life.  and I have made it to my forever home in paradise.  After those peaceful words were spoken to me from my grandfather, I suddenly woke up.  And seen my mother in dark clothing crying beside my bed. Telling me that my grandfather had passed away in my mind I wanted to cry and feel the sorrow my mom was feeling, but my spirit was showing me that beautiful vision I had seen in my dream of my grandfather, I then spoke to my mom with such clarity in my voice and told her. I had seen granddad in my dream. Later on that week I happened to visit the cemetery my grandfather was buried in. When I walked up to his grave stone the same identical flowers were growing by his headstone. I was in shock and wanted to cry. But that same feeling came upon me and spoke to me of my granddads same words. As I sat there with that beautiful vision in my mind I heard a voice in my head and this voice told me, I am your spiritual guide and from now on I will lead you and guide you but not only for your Benefit but for others as well.   

What is the most rewarding part being an advisor? 

The more I learned the more I understood my gifts and how to use them my spirit Guide helps me to get connect to others energy's day by day my gift was getting stronger and visions were more clearer I use my gifts on a day to day basis.I feel it is my purpose in life to show others their own unique purpose. and help them embrace the awesomeness of who they are.

What makes your readings unique? Why should someone looking for a reading come to you?

Over the years I have studied and mastered my ability to help others.  my strength has grew dramatically over the past years. My spirit guides were the ones who helped me achieve my goals. and helped me to carry on my strengths to help, advise and council all in need of a spiritual growth. Through meditation is how I speak to my guides, I have my spirit guides to thank for all I have achieved through my walk of faith in my spiritual journey. 

Keep in mind I will not sugercoat anything, I can only tell the truth, I have helped meny people from around the world. in every different aspect of life, Every time I give a reading and Connect with peoples energies and help them understand what to do and how to do it. and give them hope when they feel hopeless. On any part of your life such as depression,confusion,love and relationships,career, guidance, breaking up and divorce,any part of life you are seeking help in.I will help you with your journey of life. By giving me your name and date of birth. I will tell you all I see for you tell you what the future holds for you and your loved ones. I make you feel comfortable,and help you understand. don't take me as a spiritual person. I would love to for you to take me as a friend. I am non judgmental and all ways there for you in need of spiritual guidance I would love for you to contact me My readings will amaze you As my predictions will astound you.

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