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Preparing for a Reading with your Zodiac Psychic

Preparing for a Reading with your Zodiac Psychic

Your well-being matters to us.

In every session, your advisor should always put your emotional, mental and physical health first—and so should you.

If you want to prepare for the best reading possible, practice some self-care before you begin and set the stage for your ideal experience. 

Try these 10 tips before your next reading: 

💧 Hydrate with fresh, pure water 

😤 Take deep breaths in through your nose and out your mouth to move your energy

🧘‍♀️ Stretch your body

📝 Get a pen and paper or journal

🔋 Turn off all possible distractions 

💡 Dim the lights and light a candle

🧠 Set your intention for the reading 

❓ Decide what you want to ask most

🤔 Let your intuition guide you to an advisor 

🧲 Once you find someone you are magnetically and energetically drawn to, press call or chat 

Make sure you set aside ample time for your session and be open to the layers of information made possible through a reading. Ultimately, you are going through a process in both asking the questions and receiving the answers so be gentle with yourself.

Embrace the steps one at a time to fully travel along the path of understanding. The journey is exciting and, as we realize how powerful we are, we will be amazed by our capacity to manifest miracles in creating the life we intend.

See you on the platform!

Star and Sophia has travelled the world to develop a deep knowledge in tarot and divination. Not only does this advisor consult the cards, but does so with the help of a spirit guide named Sophia. Connect with this psychic duo for help in dream interpretation, soul contact, healing work, relationships, awakening gifts, and more.



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