Preparing for a Reading with your Zodiac Psychic

Article by
Sophia Love

Your well-being is our main priority in each and every reading with Zodiac Psychics.

Here are 10 Fun Ways to Prepare for your next Reading / Session / Consultation with us.

1.) Hydration. Drink fresh pure water. H20 is the way to go!

2.) Breathe deeply. (In through the nose - out through the mouth is a good way to move energy.)

3.)  Stretch your body.

4.)  Grab a pen and pad of paper / your reading journal.

5.)  Turn off all possible distractions.

6.)  Light a candle and/or add to ambience.

7.)  Feel and decide your question for the reader and/or formulate your intention for the reading.

8.)  Phrase this question or intention into a sentence.

9.)  Intuitively guide yourself to the Zodiac Psychic whom you feel magnetically and energetically drawn…

and presto 10.) BEGIN!!!

It is helpful to give time for the reading and be open to the layers of information made possible through a reading.

Ultimately you are going through a process in both asking the questions and receiving the answers; so be gentle with yourself.

Embrace the steps one at a time to fully travel along the path of understanding.

The journey is exciting and as we realize how powerful we are, we will be amazed by our capacity to manifest miracles in creating the life we intend.

See you inside!!!!!!!!!

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