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Messages in a Cup: The Art of Coffee Reading

Messages in a Cup: The Art of Coffee Reading

You sit down at a wooden table behind a psychics shop on a crisp fall day. On the weathered, grey table sits a small white cup of coffee. The cool salt air creates clouds of steam. The coffee has a texture of velvet and a rich, strong flavor, unlike anything you will find at a cafe in the United States. This is the beginning of one of the most unique types of psychic readings still practiced today. 

I was taught by my grandmother at a young age how to do coffee readings. She would sit across from me, place the saucer on top of the cup, flip it over, then show me what was inside. I would then listen as she pointed out the shapes that remained and explained the meanings of the symbols

To this day, I haven’t changed or altered what my grandmother taught me. I’ve learned a lot about improving my coffee readings, but I still use the same Turkish coffee she did. It’s an honor for me to continue her teachings and give other people insight through such a fun, unique divination tool.


You can recreate that beautiful scene of a coffee reading on a fall day without leaving your house. I frequently guide clients through the process of brewing a cup, focusing on their questions, enjoying the beverage, and sharing images of the cup through Zodiac Psychics online chat. I always recommend finding a cozy, quiet spot for coffee readings where you can relax and focus.

Coffee readings are a truly unique form of divination that provides enlightenment on many topics. Messages can be abstract (like the appearance of new people and the roles they may play in our lives) or very direct (like a family adopting a new puppy), but always benefit from the interpretation of an experienced reader. 

Plus, you get to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee as part of the process!

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