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Love Advice from Psychic Sebastian

Love Advice from Psychic Sebastian

Sebastian was born into a family of psychic readers.

Those innate gifts and generations of wisdom are the foundation of his work as a love and relationship psychic. Sebastian is dedicated to offering the best relationship advice he can, guiding people through dating problems, infidelity, and more. 

  • Are you wondering if your love is the real thing? 
  • Do you suspect your partner is cheating?
  • Want to win back your ex?

Today's your lucky day. Sebastian is sharing his psychic insights into three topics he offers a lot of psychic advice about. 

Signs of true love

This starts with you. There are no signs of doubt when you're with the right person. You will feel it and experience it too. This person loves you enough to constantly remind you that you are loved and cared for. They are patient, understanding, honest, and constantly showing affection. 

Always remember that there will always be ups and downs in your relationship. Arguments are normal and what matters is how you interact with each other during this. You should both naturally stand aside from each other and face the problem that lies on the table. Don't stand on opposite sides with the problem on the table in between you. 

The sign you look for is how they treat you. A person that loves you will do anything to make you happy. Your partner will go out of their way to put a smile on your face. When you are happy, they are happy. You should never have to doubt your partner or doubt where the relationship is heading. Being away from your partner would cause uneasy feelings. Knowing you found the right partner is when you are happy, in love, and at peace. Everything just feels right.

Signs your partner is cheating

These are signs we never want to see in our relationships and marriages! There is nothing worse than loving your partner unconditionally and one day you find out they are cheating. 

The first sign is the big difference you notice in how they treat you. Your partner will act very distant and will be up and down. They become impatient, show you less affection, and are often always out and being secretive. When you get less attention from your partner it is usually because their attention is elsewhere. They blame you for everything because of their guilt and get upset with you easily. Remember, you should never have to worry about your partner. If you are, then it's usually for a reason! Pay close attention to your partner's body language. This says everything.  

How to get your ex back

This can be very tricky but also very simple. There will always be a spiritual connection between you and your ex. The first step is to understand what caused the breakup and work on that issue. 

You need contact with this person and you should always test the waters first, reach out and see how your ex responds. If it's a good response then you may continue slowly with them to rebuild the connection. If you get a bad response then the reconnection will require more time and effort. 

Your partner might need an apology, some more time to get over the break-up, to talk about what happened and how you can get through it together, or some more time and space. Time and space are everything. Giving your partner space is important, the more they miss you, the more they will think about you which leads to them wondering about you and reminiscing about the good memories which can bring up old feelings which are needed to restart the connection. Time is important because they need time to heal and to understand everything.

Who is Sebastian?

My gifts have come a long way, down many generations. At a very early age, my grandmother would often tell me I am gifted and well connected to the spiritual universe. I heard many stories from her and she taught me everything I know today. My grandmother and mother guided me and taught me everything from Tarot cards, psychic abilities, mind-reading, spiritual connections, spiritual readings, and a whole lot more. 

Coming from generations of knowledge and working on my gifts at a young age, I have been known to be very accurate and on point. I have tested myself for years and I've never stopped practicing. Helping others gives me a feeling of such love and happiness. I have mastered the gifts of a wide range of psychic abilities.

My name is Sebastian. Get in touch with me so can help you, guide you, and protect you through all of life's ups and downs.

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