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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Astrology Chart

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Astrology Chart

Are you watching the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial? If you’ve been on the internet, on social media, or watching TV, you’ve probably seen something about these feuding celebrity exes.

If you’re anything like us, you might be wondering why these troubled two ever got together in the first place. It looks like the pair have an astrological attraction that can’t be denied, but it’s a passion that can easily go from hot to stormy.


We asked Amanda, a spiritual life coach on Zodiac Psychics, to do an astrological reading for them. Their natal compatibility chart confirms what we’re learning about the two during their ongoing trial:

  • They started out with a lot of sexual attraction and energy 
  • They bonded over creative goals
  • There were issues of comfort, security, pressure, and commitment 
  • Substance abuse and addiction problems
  • It’s a toxic yet intoxicating relationship


What sign is Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp was born June 9, 1963, in Owensboro, Kentucky, making him a June Gemini.

Gemini likes things fast and exciting. There’s a strong need for self-expression. Gemini has the ability to detach themselves, which can make it difficult at times to be close to this sign. It can be difficult to know what Gemini really feels at any given moment. The Gemini twins could often want entirely different things at the same time. Geminis enjoy the lighter side of life. Gemini is usually good-hearted. They possess strong morals and have faith in life and in the people around them. They prefer to see and find the good in situations and in people.

What sign is Amber Heard?

Amber Heard was born April 22, 1986, in Austin, Texas, making her an April Taurus. 

A Taurus in love is a comfort-lover with very sensual and stable energy. Security is very important to Taurus. Some of them actively seek wealth, while others are content to be comfortable. They are able to separate work and leisure so well. The possessiveness associated with the Taurus sign shows up in all areas of life. Taurus likes to own things. Material items are very important to them.  

Johnny & Amber’s natal chart compatibility

The compatibility of these astrological signs suggests a couple you'd be surprised were ever together in the first place. Regardless of how incompatible these two signs are in a relationship, let's dig into their charts and see what these natal charts can reveal. 

With these two signs, opposites can attract connection but they have little in common and different temperaments so there are bound to be arguments. They can work together if they understand each other's needs and are willing to listen. Struggling against different love languages and communication styles, we see how a real connection can become an intoxicating toxic relationship. A connection like this is going to take a lot of work, patience, and open understanding.

MERCURY (Amber) - VENUS (Johnny) & MOON (Amber) - MARS (Johnny)

These placements suggest extreme passion, great attraction, and great conversations in this relationship. At times the passionate energy can get heated and become stormy energy. There is an element of sexy excitement with the heated stormy passion. They share a love for living a luxurious, fast, and unpredictable lifestyle.

SUN (Amber) - MARS (Johnny)

This is an energy placement of finding the one that completes each other. They can take on and accomplish anything together. They respect each other’s goals and drives. In this relationship, there is also a purely sexual attraction with an element of an unpredictable journey in this alignment


VENUS (Amber) - SATURN (Johnny)

This placement can bring great difficulties to the connection long-term as the relationship unfolds. It can be very difficult for Venus to feel natural and comfortable in Saturn's presence, as Saturn may at times appear too cold, or distant, needing space and freedom. This causes a major breakdown in communication and understanding, creating impatience. Venus feels a loss of comfort, which is especially difficult for a comfort-loving Taurus. 

SUN (Amber) - URANUS (Johnny)

This placement has a positive aspect with the Sun person enriched by this relationship with Uranus, which will lead to the discovery of a new world that’s original and full of change. It’s the sense of what they have been waiting for. They will go well together. The Uranus person will need to maintain a sense of freedom in this connection. The movement is too fast or a formal union is taking from their freedom.

MARS (Amber) - JUPITER (Johnny)

They have good intentions toward each other and there is a true connection, but they often promise more than they can deliver. Unspoken expectations are created. They make big plans that often fail to be realized. When one person wants to spend together time, the other feels restless and dreams of being somewhere else. Freedom versus closeness is a conflict that arises often in this relationship causing more of a breakdown in this connection.


SATURN (Amber) - PLUTO (Johnny) 

The relationship can be difficult or destructive at times. This pair should avoid pushing one another in this connection. There is a battle between strong stubbornness with the other needing freedom.


There is a sense of respect and appreciation for each other's romantic style. They instinctively understand what makes the other person happy. They don't easily offend each other when conflicts arise as there are good intentions between them in this alignment. This is a very good aspect of a successful long-term relationship full of love and understanding. They have a strong energy of effort and the ability to work together. 

MOON (Amber) - JUPITER (Johnny)

This alignment is a great balance with the ability to understand and have confidence in each other. They could easily work and develop side-by-side together in similar ways, and be able to create and have many joint projects. They could have a happy family life where their children energy to grow up in a pleasing atmosphere. There is a lot of humor and warmth and genuine care in this relationship. They have the same sense of views, values, and understanding of long-term life goals.

JUPITER (Amber) - NEPTUNE (Johnny)

A supportive aspect with a potential union. Definitely a marriage placement, but the other aspects that are more challenging will be a stronger struggle than this placement.


SUN (Amber) - URANUS (Johnny)

A bad placement for long-term understanding. There can be inconsistency or an on-off quality to the relationship. This connection can work but it requires a lot of freedom and effort. That at the beginning of this connection, they appreciate each other a lot and enjoy and create pleasure from being together but, quite quickly, this relationship can become very conflict-ridden.

SATURN (Amber) - URANUS (Johnny)

They have the ability to do great things together. They are creative and inventive. Ideas are original, well-thought, and make sense.

SUN (Amber) - LILITH (Johnny)

This placement creates an obsessive and highly addictive placement for both partners. This feels like a karmic experience with this connection. Very strong untamed sexual energy and the possibility of an affair.


MARS (Amber) - NEPTUNE (Johnny)

There is an ability to bring imagination and fantasy into the relationship. While interactions can be hard to define at times, it creates the ability to help refine one another's perspective and different views. There is an element of mystery that attracts one another like a magnet. Mars's ability to rest and relax is a stimulant to Neptune’s fast pace demanding life.

MARS (Amber) - PLUTO (Johnny)

There is enormous physical passion in this relationship. The sexual attraction is intense in their connection. They want to be around each other as much as possible very intoxicating. Their sexual relationship evolves with time.


When the stars aligned and their paths crossed, there was a great passion between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Unfortunately, a lot of that passion was misplaced. One partner’s need for security and closeness caused friction with the other’s busy on-the-go lifestyle. 

There was so much in balance creatively and physically, yet so many other areas out of balance.  

These exes are an example of a connection that started with amazing chemistry and natural flow but turns intoxicating and unhealthy. Both these celebs have a lot of karmic lessons to be learned.


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