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I am not longer feeling afraid to START again

I am not longer feeling afraid to START again

This is definitely the best feeling in the world, but feel afraid to experiment with new ways people begin to enter our lives and especially in our hearts.

Some time ago a love story that was wonderful was completed, but eventually realized, it was finally and truly important reasons that prevented both be happy, so today if you ask me, was the best thing was over. I will not lie, were months quite painful and above all many questions about things I could have done better, until after several reflections I realized that the time had passed and that the best he could do for me was forgive forgive and better yet, he could not return the time back, so nothing would restore me the experience we had in common. 
Over time we had the opportunity to engage in a beautiful conversation, which allowed us to discover that our chance had already been extinguished and that both try to do the best for each other but nevertheless the life circumstances and our actions ultimately led to to our common path and the end of all those promises we made in our best times. Surely this conversation and this harmonious end served to meditate about everything that we live in, it is that through these experiences can be rescued great teachings and from the first moment that was my mission, go over and over the mistakes made with the aim that in the future they will not return to repeat because he had been quite so bad, so I think you learn from mistakes. 
As the months and about almost a year since that farewell, my life took a different turn, I realized that you were already in another relationship and had again begun to love another person, I sincerely convinced that you were happy, Now clearly we were two strangers with a small memory in common.

Continuing with my life, I began to realize those things that had long been neglected and most of all, I began to understand that to love someone first had to love myself, something I had never before understood. That's why I decided to take the reins of my life, I decided to study, travel and meet new people, with the passing of the days they became great friends, in this moment of truth for the first time I could say for sure was happy. With this one day without realizing it, a person came with the passage of time, became a very special guest for this experience called life. He demonstrated little acts and wordlessly what is love someone, taught me that life is a risk and fight for what you love so much or those that you want, that the affection demonstrated by actions and not promises that to no avail, that the company is to be in good and bad times and follow with a smile, because no evil that lasts a hundred years.

Today and thanks to you I can proudly say that I have no fear, that there are no ghosts of the past and that my heart is at peace with himself, definitely not know what will become of my life and also if you will be my companion in the future, but I can tell you that there are no impediments to return love; you restored my faith in people and above all you showed me that it's never too late to start again.

"And now I have no doubts. I have no regrets, I have no shadows, no longer have sinned, I have not gone. Only I have a great desire to start over. And to be happy. "

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