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How to manifest love in 3 simple steps

How to manifest love in 3 simple steps

Manifestation is the art of cooperating with the law of energy to attract the results that you deeply desire. Every day, we are manifesting conditions in our life with our thoughts, mindset, and perception of the world. However, if you want to manifest your idea of the ideal, it requires patience, dedication, self-accountability, and action. The steps below truly work, as I’ve done it myself as a practicing psychic and have guided many clients through this process. However, you need to commit to this process, which means you must commit to your best self. The one for you cannot be attracted to you by the law of energy unless you yourself are truly stable and ready on your own for them to come into your life. 

Step #1: What Do You Want?

With pen and paper, write out a list as specific as you can manage about your ideal partner. Include what you may consider obvious details such as that they are single, man/woman, loyal, etc.  After you document the most important characteristics you wish to manifest in your future partner, make sure to include characteristics including personality, physical, emotional, health, and so on that you wish to find. It’s not that you are creating your perfect match, but rather, beginning to invite someone who already has this energy and is looking for someone who appreciates it.

Step #2: Self-reflection is necessary.

Now that you have written down what you wish to see in a partner, it’s time to be honest with yourself. Go back over the list, and circle all of the traits you wish to see in a partner that you do not practice yourself. For example, if you want to attract someone who is single, with no emotional baggage, make sure that you yourself are not in an unhappy relationship. If you wanted someone adventurous and social, yet stay inside every weekend, make an effort to go out and have fun more. With manifesting, energy is real and crucial to your success. If you are attracting love partners who do not satisfy you, it shows that it’s time for you to patch things up to become an energetic match for what you truly desire.

As you begin to embrace this practice, and take action towards becoming an energetic match to your ideal partner, you will most definitely begin to feel it. You will feel happier on your own before the partner even comes, which is an added plus for sure!

Step #3: Finalize it!

Make a final edit, without circles and messy handwriting. Use paper and writing instruments you find aesthetically pleasing. Take pride in this document, and trust it will be guiding you towards a better love life. This finalized version is full of all of the traits you will see in your future partner.

Now, looking back at the original edit, write a finalized version with all of the traits you’d like to work on. Label the page “I am..” and write all of these traits that will improve your life if you embrace them below. Take the same pride in creating this list, as this shows signs of self-respect, self-love, and self-awareness that you will carry throughout your journey in attracting the one for you.

Read these documents out loud. On the bottom of both pages write and read aloud “And so it is”. Read this list often. Check in with me, Rising Moons, a practiced, trained psychic, to make sure you are on the right path and to answer any questions. Regularly check within, make plans, and take actions towards your best self. Your life will change, and in turn, the energy will allow space for the one you’ve been longing for!

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