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How to Contact Your Guardian Angel

How to Contact Your Guardian Angel

Does everyone have a guardian angel? Carmen thinks so

For most of her life, she's been using the psychic abilities inherited from her mother to help people contact guardian angels.

Want to know how to contact your guardian angel? Curious about an angel card reading? Keep reading to find out more about Carmen and her abilities in her own words!

My Story 

Since the early days of my childhood, I've openly connected and communicated with angels

At first, my knowledge of utilizing this gift was limited. One day, when I reached my mid-teens, I approached my mother with hopes that she could help guide me with my talents. With a fortunate stroke of serendipity, she did exactly that. 

She had been a psychic advisor for well over 30 years of her life and she was finally ready to help me grow into the woman I needed to become to help others. 

Cards gathered, candles lit, and the aroma of warm honey filled the room. She talked me through each card explaining in great detail what they had meant and what the angels were trying to communicate through these cards. She even decided to conduct a reading on me and that became the most pivotal moment of my life. 

The message chosen for me that day was "new life". I felt completely revitalized and rejuvenated knowing exactly what my card meant. It was my very own guardian angel telling me something. It was the card that made my purpose clearer than the crystals that decorated my mother's shrine. A smile plastered both our faces with a silent but common understanding that this path was meant for me. 

The Messages 

Every single one of us has a guardian angel. Some of us have more than one. However, not everyone knows how to communicate with their guardian angels and others fail to understand the messages sent to them. 

We receive guidance about our love life, career, life choices, and friendships throughout the entirety of our lives. These messages are received through tarot cards, emotional sensations, visions, meditation, symbolic signs, or even through dreams. 

For those failing to understand their messages, we psychic advisors are an extremely powerful bridge when linking you and your angels. 

Whether you are unsure if your partner truly is the one for you, if your career path is the one you are destined for, or if the relationships or friendships you sustain are toxic for your well-being, I can guarantee that your guardian angels know exactly what the answers are and they have the advice you need. Advisors are usually the messengers of their advice to you. It may be difficult for you to connect but even if you can't, someone else can and they could help give both the clarity and guidance you may need.

Your Story  

Your guardian angels could be closer than you've ever imagined.

Our guardian angels are higher spiritual beings with a vast amount of knowledge, but they can also be our lost loved ones watching over us. If you've lost a close friend, family member, or lover, they too could be the angels looking after you. 

Pay attention to your own signs, like your dreams and feelings. Trust your intuition. Trust your own gifts and abilities. Even if you feel connected but fail to understand what your own messages mean, reach out to a psychic advisor who is more than willing to help. No matter the situation, there will always be someone willing and able to help you figure out who your true soul mate is, what career path fits you best, and what the true intentions are of those around you. Live a life of love and light with the assistance of your very own guardian angels.

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