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How online psychics help spiritual growth

How online psychics help spiritual growth

How do you live a spiritual life these days?

For the last three years, everyday life has been scary for most people.

We've spent more time at home and more time online. There's a range of information at our fingertips and a range of emotions within us. We can be happy one second and feel desperate the next. Is it too much to think the internet has a lot to do with it?

What is the Internet in spiritual terms, if that's even possible to say? Can the Internet help our spiritual life or spiritual practices?

Can spiritual beliefs unite internet users?

Like the brain, the Internet is a network. It spreads roots all over the place. Like living beings, it can be defensive, aggressive, loving, and tender. The Internet is a clear reflection of our individual and collective souls. It can join or split groups. Without people organized together, it will be difficult to solve our challenges in this modern world.

That is the era we live in: a totalization of feelings and of intentions. The pandemic has shown the worst and the best of politics, economies, and the people around us. How do we keep ourselves human when we face all that? How do we not harden our hearts until the point that we do not care anymore? How can spirituality help us in this turmoil?

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Like the stars for travelers, the Internet can help us navigate our dreams, spirit, and desires. Like the molds for the seamstress, it helps to finish the dress. That is why I see astrology, tarot cards, and all the divinatory arts, as not only an escape. They're also a way to imagine, hope, and consider other possibilities for the future, for our collective and individual lives. They are bridges to be crossed by our spirits and ways to reach out to the ones who need us. They aid in personal growth and spiritual growth.

When religious beliefs aren't enough

According to one study, 64% of online Americans have used the Internet for religious or spiritual purposes. Of those people, 38% send or receive emails about spirituality and 28% browse the internet to expand their spiritual beliefs. So, the Internet and spirituality blend well.

For many, religion doesn't cover our needs and psychology has its limits. Religions are articulated by men, even if “God” is the source. They are all institutions. We need an answer that considers the past, present, and future. An answer that considers the individual, and relates this individual with the whole. And the whole is so clear that we must face it.

Our oracles certainly carry these answers. Next time you get an online tarot card reading, remember a simple answer like “tomorrow things will be better” means a lot. It renews your body, soul, and spirit. It's a gesture to give you the hope and clarity to carry on. 

It eases the fear of death, the fear of not being loved, and not having companionship. These fears fade and this void becomes the space where love and hope break the darkness.

Online divination for spiritual growth

You deserve to make time for yourself with somebody who listens to you, whether it's via chat, call, or video. It can change your day. And, if one day is good, the next can be even better. A spiritual conversation using tarot cards, astrology, runes, or whatever you like, brings feelings of light.

Let's hope for it together.

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