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Good things really do take time

Good things really do take time

It’s said that all good things take time. Well, most people prefer things to happen fast. 

Maybe it’s to keep up with society or peers. Maybe it’s the idea of needing and wanting certain things done by a particular age. It can be a challenge when you feel like you are behind or need to hurry up and make things happen in a certain time frame. But we’re not all in the same time frame.  

Good things take time, like making bread from scratch with your own two hands.

More effort = better results

Most of the time, the most incredible things that we want in life to happen at a fast pace are the very same things we want to last the longest. For example, a quick meal might taste good but a recipe that takes all day to prepare will always taste better. Think of grandma’s cooking or someone who always made time to prepare amazing meals that took a lot of time, effort, and focus. Plus you had leftovers for days. This analogy works for so many other things in life as well. 

A couple watches the sunset together.

You can’t hurry love

In love, we rarely meet the one meant for life on the first try. It’s not that easy. But it’s not about finding that person. That’s already meant to happen. Everyone is different but, for most, it’s about learning lessons and having experiences that lead us to find true, lasting love. If we were to rush it and marry with the first person where there is mutual interest and attraction, it usually doesn’t work out and then ends up in disappointment.  

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Then it becomes a pattern. We think the next one will be it for sure and you’ll do everything to make it work, putting it on ourselves as if we are to blame. It seems to happen fast for others, but we never know their actual struggles. They may have gone through things we don’t know about. There are so many unique situations that happen to every one of us.  When we see others and how happy they seem, sometimes it’s not always the case.  You might be shocked to see that maybe they didn’t work out the way you thought they would. That is because not all things are as they seem.  

A runner stands at the end of a road

Follow your own path 

It’s always best to take your time to find what you like and what you don’t like. Make time to find what you want and don’t want in life and your partner. The idea is, that it isn’t something that just happens overnight. It’s just that we are all on different paths and that includes different timelines. It doesn’t mean that anyone is less than. 

The same goes for success and career. Those who worked the longest and the hardest, no matter what it is, get that success that lasts the longest. It’s when you take your time and put your all into it that you get what you want and strive for. Just remember, it happens faster for some and slower for some. It’s all about being and doing our very best to get what we want, which was destined in the first place

When the desire is there, then anything can be possible. That’s why I always say, “Great things come to those with focus and patience.”

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