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Meet the Expert | Dolly E

Dolly E Spotlight

When did you notice that you had psychic abilities?

I noticed it as soon as i turned 11 years old, when i could start hearing angel guides telling me what type of situations people were going through around me and how to help them. I knew it was real when my mother started letting me read for people coming into our psychic medium office. People came to ask me all sorts of questions and i was able to answer them without any problems and 100% accuracy. I also noticed i had a really genuine and true gift and psychic abilities when clients were coming back for more readings telling myme that all of my predictions for them have come to pass, and it's been an amazing journey ever since.

What is the most rewarding part about being an adviser?

My most rewarding experiences come to me every day by dozens of different clients from all over the world. It's rewarding and satisfying to know that i am able to answer a question that someone has been thinking about so deeply. My clients often go through life questioning and wondering about things, losing sleep, and letting it over rule their mind, and by coming to me they can quiet those pressing thoughts and questions and walk away from the reading with peace of mind, clarity, and a better night's sleep. It's also rewarding knowing that i have the special spiritual gifts to guide someone through a difficult decision or a road block in their life and get them on the right path that they need to be on.

What have you done to improve your skills?

That's a great question, i have improved them through many ways such as being mentored by various holy figures and travelling to amazing places such as thailand, india, and jeruselum to name a few. It all started when i was 21 and i wanted venture out in the world, and i often questioned "why me? Why was i blessed with such a powerful and amazing gift?" and i travelled and explored the world to answer that very question. I have mastered my abilities through the teachings of some very special holy figures in thailand in my early to mid twenties. I feel that, even 40 years later, i still have more to improve on and i still learn
something new every day. Being a psychic with these special abilities is always a learning experience and a growing experience no matter how much time you have invested in your gifts.

What makes your readings unique? why should someone looking for a reading come to you?

I feel that every one has their own reading style and way about doing so. I strongly believe clients can get a lot from a reading with me because out of 40 years i have seen and witnessed many things and i do have a lot of experience in the questions people ask me every day regarding love, family, career, and everythng in between. I believe my readings are unique because not only do you have an advisor, a life coach and a psychic, you have a true friend who is going to tell you the truth about things and give the best advice like your own family member or best friend would. I'm unique because i believe through my travels and experiences i have witnessed many things that many people can't see or experience in 100 life times.

How does the spirit world communicate with you?

The spirit world has been communicating with many generations of my female family members for quite some time now. They only communicate with people they want to, you can't just talk with them and always expect a response. They communicate with me through my dreams and also when clients come for readings they will communicate with me through my own abilities and visions to help that particular client to answer their questions through the reading. They have been communicating with me ever since i was a child, and they can be unpredctable but they are always a great help. They have also communicated with me through my crystals that i often get from the holy places ive visited, spirits are very attached to beautiful creations of the earth.