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Artemus Starcat


The answers are there when we know where to look, and with the energy of the Tarot I will help show you the path you are on and the opportunities coming your way. I see beyond the cards to identify the energies at work in your life and help you understand what you can do to enhance or change your future as you see fit. I will not sugar coat anything just to make you feel better about a situation. I know that the cards show what needs to be seen, when the truth is what we are seeking.


I am a Certified Professional Tarot Master through the World Metaphysical Association,and a member of the American Tarot Association since 2011. I have  done readings in person, through email, over the phone, on the Internet, and at Tarot Parties. The seekers I have worked with  are often surprised at the accuracy of the  readings, even when they offer little information about themselves.  

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Just jumps into it with you. Very clear and fast... really helped put my mind at ease regarding a situation I kept thinking to death. So thank you!! Will await the future predictions.
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