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I am a specialist in themes of evolution through spiritual matter, always bringing light, love and spirituality to the life of each one of people who consult me, as well as being a person who learned different techniques of meditation, alternative medicine, internal breathing and tranquility the alignment of the chakras from a very young age, I am a specialist in finding the soul freedom to people’s purposes. I have knowledge of astral projection in a positive way always doing everything for the well-being of people, I know the art of smoking tobacco and monkfish or also known as gosque, Palm reading, past lives and their missions in this astral plane I recognize the perfect souls of each person, when they have love and those who are meant to be together. I am totally specialized in the field of love of the spiritual transcendence, money, evolution of the spirit and soulsl. I use completely white energies to bring peace to your life.


I began my studies when I was 10 years in which I could demonstrate the development of human beings and past lives.I carried out activities since my 12 years regarding to meditation, breathing, past lives and karma.when I was 20 years I could participate in different techniques of meditation and alternative medicine all of these always with positive results. In addition I could find the alignment of my chakras completely, I have also carried out activities with the indigenous people in which I learned to smoke tobacco and monkfish through certain years of apprenticeship in a cave, as well as knowledge about balance of energies, yin and yang , the missions of the life of each one of the human beings, this astral plane, I know about totally positive energies in which each step makes us have the courage to say “Goodbye”. I know about the astral projection in several dimensions also to know where we can see reflected in our past lives present and future besides knowing about life in general I have great experience in everything that helps people and commitment so that each of these can be happy.

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always eases my mind and guides me in the right direction
Tha k you so much for your honesty and for your guidance. I'm excited to see what happens next for me.
Alena Volarevic
very helpful thanknyou
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