Aries Fernandez


I am a proactive person, licensed in business administration, psychologist and with a great divine gift that I see beyond the future, and I want to help others who really need it. There are stages that put us in front of personal challenges that awaken internal blocks, fear, doubt and pain. We go from one situation to another letting the thoughts and emotions that, we believe are the right ones, direct our steps. After seeing that the resources that lead us to conclude the objectives are exhausted, we feel a sense of exhaustion and sadness. It is when we open ourselves to share what worries us looking for support and understanding in people from the closest environment. The seer or the seer is like a beacon in the middle of the sea, which with its light guides the client, to a good port.


The services to offer are the tarot, what the stars bring, baths for good luck, money, love, employment, entrance of money to the house ... how to attract that love that went away and you want it back, ....among many other things

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