The energy you will receive is illuminating, enlightening and honest, so be prepared for a positive energy reading that will transform your life today and create happiness in your future. I have worked with high profile clients Internationally. I can see visions that reveal your life’s journey while easing up your path by exposing life’s obstacles. I will show you how to overcome the challenges to achieving your true desires. I tap into your Kabbalah Path without questions and infuse your spirit with exactly the positive energies that provide you clarification and tools for accelerating your personal growth, relationships and career paths.  I’m an advocate of love, humbleness, peace and growth. 


I am an old soul and have been called "The Vintage Psychic" since age 5. I have sensed future with incredible accuracy and shared my gifts through non-profit advocacy, domestic violence, suicide pro-bono work to a full thriving private spiritual coaching practice serving over 175 clients. Guiding a client is one thing but if you don't have the tools to transform than the guidance can be useless. I fill your spiritual toolbox with the neccessary spiritual tools to aid in relieving spiritual anxiety that stops you in your tracks from living a happy life. Each client is a gift to me and will always guide you to the purest choices after gaining spiritual clarity on your custom situation.

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