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Receive Non-judgmental, Compassionate Guidance from a modern day shamanic healer. I am happy to co-create with you the direct pathway to your answers. As a Reiki Master, crystal bowl shaman, intuitive healer and paranormal investigator, I am looking to assist you in areas of dreams, trauma healing, relationships, love, and paranormal problems in the home. When you receive my service, I will tune into you personally and see into your energy field to gain the insight that you seek. I hold a balanced frequency of strength, love, wisdom, and compassion in sacred neutrality. I am truly in this eternal moment of now the essence of the healed healer. Let me answer questions like: What does my dream mean for me? How can I learn from my dreams? How can I heal from trauma? What path is right for my relationship? Is there a ghost in my home and who is it or what does it want? How can I get rid of unwanted spirits in my home?


I am a great emanator of peace. I found my path early in life at age 13 when I began learning in the Zen Buddhist temple. As a long time meditator of Zen Buddhist practices, I have acquired a wealth of resources through my many experiences in shamanism, channeling, native american healing, and paranormal work. For 4 years I worked as a paranormal investigator, being first in command psychic healer. I helped guide many displaced and unwanted spirits in moving on to the next plane of existence, creating a space for the lost and confused ones to heal as well as the persons and families affected to feel more comfortable in their homes. I hold the Reiki Master's certification and use it regularly in unique ways, especially channeling energy through my angelic voice, integrating Reiki, Shamanic practices, and Meditation with the totality of mind, body, and spirit. In private readings I use powerful energy work to help anchor more positive energies and thought-forms into the client's auric field. This is to co-create the reality results that the client desires. I have a strong psychic visual and audio acuity which helps me to see insights in a person's aura. I have done this type of intuitive healing work for the past 5 years. In the more recent quarter of my life, I been learning from elders and medicine people of Native American and Shamanic traditions, creating time and space to go on sacred journeys visiting and learning from the masters. I have an empowering story of hardships in my past including intense struggles in early life. I have created and received the immense healings needed through my own journey of life. My iron will and positive attitude alone carried me through these initiations, making me strong and steadfast. Emerging victorious through the fires of these internal and external struggles, I hold a balanced frequency of strength, love, wisdom, and compassion in sacred neutrality. I am truly in this eternal moment of now the essence of the healed healer.


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