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I am known to those who know me as the "Fire Reader." I have been able to see and communicate with spirits since I was a little girl and have been honing my skills for years. I offer my clients a combination of pendulum and pyromancy readings. For burning yes or no questions, I use a pendulum. For everything else, I use my fireplace to divine the answers with the ancient art of fire gazing. Occasionally I will integrate autowriting into my readings if more direct information is needed. Simply tell me as much or as little as you think I should know about your query and I do the rest. If you need advice on a topic you're not comfortable putting into words, I can offer a completely intuitive reading. However keep in mind those can be a little vague. I can also do tarot readings, rune readings, candle spells, and distance reiki healings upon request.


I have been holding private readings for years in tarot, palmistry, and aura reading. Before that I was offering mini readings in the hallways of my high school on those same topics for a dollar or a candy bar. And even before that I was predicting the future as a child, telling my parents who would call before the phone rang or answering my friend’s questions that hadn't been asked out loud yet. I have grown exponentially over the years as a reader and psychic advisor and I never fail to provide what my clients ask for. My specialties include healing, self growth, and of course, relationship advice. I have never failed to provide a client with something valuable to move forward in life. Fire scrying has been a more recent specialty of mine. I enjoy particularly because it provides clients with deep and insightful knowledge of themselves and of the future. Many clients have said fire readings are “scary accurate,” but of course this is why they are so popular!

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Jan 12, 2018
I don't think we had that great of a connection
Jan 12, 2018
thanks so much xxx
Jan 11, 2018
Can you send free minutes please and thank you?
Jan 11, 2018
meanwhile I’ll focuse on me :)
Jan 10, 2018
she must not be a serious relationship then? can you grant me min please?
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