Welcome ! I have understanding of the cycles that you are moving through. I will help you to navigate through these cycles with ease and grace and hopefully make the journey a little more fun ! Whether you want a general reading of what is coming up for you in the days ahead, making life path choices, or figuring out your love relationships - I will help you to clarify your deepest desires and needs and how to manifest them. I will look at the potential success of any matter or relationship and let you know of the challenges ahead. March 2016 has a total solar eclipse on the 8th and a partial lunar eclipse on the 23rd – find out how these eclipses will affect you – knowledge is power ! Much Love <3 - AquariAnne  


I have been doing astrology readings for 20 years + and have loved helping people make better choices and decisions by knowing where the planets are and understanding the cycles they are moving through. Book a reading with me today !

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