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Hello and welcome! I am a natural-born psychic medium clairvoyant tarot reader who has been providing individuals like yourself with the guidance and answers for over 20 years. Are you wondering if the person that you are with is meant to be? Do you have questions about your soulmate or twin flame I specialize in love and relationships and spiritual-based connections I can help you connect with your soulmate and twin flame and provide you with the clarity you are needing for your relationship and whatever situation that you may be going through at this time such as communication issues and commitment issues my readings will provide you with detailed answers about past present and future situations. In life and love you may be going through certain karmic patterns that I can pick up on and help provide the right insight that will release you from those karmic patterns that are not positive or beneficial to you. I am a certified life coach and relationship expert but my readings are not limited to love and relationship I can take a look into all aspects of life for you such as family friendship career decisions life path and much more. I will use my natural psychic ability to connect with your energy and aura I can also use angel oracle cards or the tarot to look into whatever questions you may have. Through your energy I can connect with the person in question to provide detailed and accurate insight on their thoughts feelings and intentions for you and your future together I will let you know if your destiny is to be with this person or if the universe has chosen a different path for you. I look forward to reading for you today! Love and light 


I have been doing readings for over 20 years in person online and by phone. I use my natural born psychic abilities to connect with your energy your chakra meridians and your aura through this connection I will be able to reveal your past present and future and provide insight and clarity in detail about many situations in your life such as love and relationships career decisions family situations life path friendships and much more. I am a certified life coach and relationship expert I can provide you with answers for your spiritually-based connection such as Soulmate and Twinflames  providing you with clarity about your connection and compatibility to help provide peace of mind and allow your relationship to grow. My readings are non-judge mental accurate detailed and straight to the point I also use many tools if requested by a client such as angel oracle cards the tarot pendulum or rune stones I can also offer dream interpretation for my clients… I believe that we receive many different spiritual messages in our dreams even from our angels and guides it is important that we utilize these messages to help guide us in the right direction I can help you to interpret these messages and use this information to your greatest benefit. 

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