Anuel Ram


Quantum perception, I could call you. Since I have use of reason I have been able, with my mind, to contemplate the subtleties of the metauniversal quantum kingdom where we live, and from my own experience I know that through this vision I can help others to discover their own veil, to observe the causes and more subtle consequences, to solve karmic problems and to receive the science of the Archetypal Paths arranged for our human existence. I will be, then, the voice that guides you on the way to yourself.


Initiations in multiple shamanic and esoteric paths, born in Venezuela, I currently live in the Peruvian Andes, between dimensional vortices capable of allowing you to travel between times and spaces. If you choose me as a guide and ally, we will work hand in hand to heal wounds, answer questions, contact beings and realities and further advance in the path of holistic self-realization of the Transcendental Being that we are

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