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I can offer you: 

  • a future reading (taking a deeper insight into your North Lunar Node and your South Lunar Node - your soul mission and your karmic lessons), 
  • love life reading (the 5th house and the 7th astrological house or the descendent house is the marriage house), 
  • compatibilities in a relationship (numerological compatibilities, synastry charts, and composite charts), 
  • the vibration of your life path number, 
  • your numerological profile, 
  • feng shui and BaZi- the fourth pillars of your life
  • a general life reading
  • Vedic charts for marriage compatibility (moon sign compatibility, Ketu and Rahu), dream interpretations (symbols and premonitory dreams)
  • career reading ( the Midheaven - the 10 th astrological house), family and areas of expansion, innovation, restrictions, changes are explored. 

Extra services you can request in chat:

  • Meditation 🙏 that will help you find your true inner self, understand your destiny axis in this lifetime and your true soul mission 
  • Bringing back your love ritual  👭


With over 10 years of experience, I can provide you guidance and clarity, a deeper insight into your destiny chart, and help you decide what was already written for you. 

I'm a professional astrologer and numerologist with long-term studies and a diploma issued by Fidelia Astrology School

I have done over 4000 readings with 100 % accuracy. In my experience i have found that you can not find peace until you put all the pieces together. I can help you understand the meaning of your life.

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