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Worry ends when you believe in your worth. Specializing in affairs of the heart and helping you find the path to love & peace. I will be straight forward and will not sugar coat anything......Are you confused in your relationship or is it really what you see in your heart? Is he or she your true soul mate? Are there such things as soul mates or twin flames or do we feel more lust than what is really in front of us? Let me help answer your questions with honesty, common sense and compassion. I will show you the blocks that are keeping you from achieving a long term committed relationship? Are you truly looking for love or the drama that exists in your current relationships? Can you be honest with yourself or are your self fears holding you back from your true worth in love and relationships in the present, past, and future? Let me guide you to a more peaceful life with better relationships and more happiness....................Is insecurities making your relationships fail in life and career or is it really the other people that are the issue? Let me help you look deep into your spirit(s) to see what path is best for you to move forward with. I will help you stay strong and guide you to your path of happiness and peace…….but make sure you are ready for the truth. I will be compassionate but will also be honest and not sugar coat. Allow me to guide you to the next step and threw many more and to help you create more abundance in your life using your talents and skills that you have had fears to use because you are afraid of rejection. Stuck in a repetitive pattern allow me to give you the direction to opening the door to a happy, abundant, fun filled life. I am eager to inspire you to claim a life of ease, grace, authenticity, abundance, peace, and serenity. Lets look into your past, present and future together and get you over the hurdles that stop you from finding that happiness you seek. You are precious! You are blessed!


I am a third generation spiritual advisor. For over 20 years, I have dedicated myself to helping others, I feel this is my life path and also my passion. If I’m not able to connect with you I will let you know in the beginning of call and let you know not to give up yet you will find the advisor you seek. My client list reaches all parts of the country and stretches across the globe. I will be there for you though all of you’re trying times; I promise to never give up searching for your path to success and inner happiness. I have experiences of all types and can help you with your past, present, and future relationships or just directing you on to your right path and remind you everyone makes mistakes and regrets and will show you how to keep moving forward in life to your happiness and peace in your spirit of your soul. I use no cards I am clairvoyant and can pickup on your soul, your pain and your needs and will do my best to guide you, but I have also learned that at times you won’t believe me because you’re not ready for what you truly seek and know I won’t give up on you when you feel this way. Let me take my 20 years experience and help you get to the end point you seek from me and for yourself. Remember you are worth more than you allow others to make you feel. My experience will help you get threw and understand why certain people cross your path now and in the future. Always tell yourself you deserve the respect you seek and nothing less. Love and Blessings…. Your Spiritual Advisor Anntonette

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