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Hi My Name Is Ann I Have Been A psychic for 50th years helping many people find the right path to love. career .relationships. .. with my guidance I can help you find peace and spiritual healing ..


When I was 16 years old I had a near death experience that put me into a coma and when I came out of it I told the nurse that her adopted son was having some marriage problems she said yes he is and that there where trying to have kids and could not .. I told her that he is going to be a dad of twins . she said that's impossible .. two days later she told me she going to become a grand mother and they did have twins a boy and a girl .. ...I have been helping people ever since then. Try a reading let me help you today!


Annie was by far the best psychic i have ever came across. She has helped me and now I know what to do. She is very generous and kind hearted
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