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Hello, I am Anna. I am Scottish, of Celtic ancestry which originates in the Scottish Islands of both Skye and Shetland. I am third generation psychic. I will connect to the energies around you now to answer your questions honestly and advise you what the cards want you to know. I can help you with your PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE questions. Let me look into your situation more deeply, into its dynamics and assist you to choose your next move and make choices that are right for you. I can look at love and relationships, career dilemas, your home and house moves situations. Let me look at your dreams and see if they are trying to communicate with you. Let me help you connect with your core intelligence be more introspective, affirm your potential and connect with your truth. Let me guide you on this plane. If you are longing for or experiencing spiritual growth let me aid you to reach your potential. My clients come from a broad range of backgrounds. I am very non-judgmental and down to earth. To be able to connect with, help and laugh with people is one of life's greatest gifts. I am a REIKI MASTER. It will be my pleasure to send healing to you and your loved ones. People often turn to me for a reading when nothing else has been working for them and other peples advise just hasn't been enough, bias, or just a bit too close to home. Even if you are just curious to discover what a reading can tell you, give it a go, you wont be disappointed.


I have been learning about Tarot since I was a teenager. When I became a Reiki Master 15 years ago my psychic abilities were amplified and I was guided to start to offer my Tarot Readings professionally. I worked alongside a renowned Tarot reader who was very inspiring and passed on her experience to me and encouraged me to work professionally as a psychic. I have appeared on TV and had a lot of fun working with a great team of psychics and likeminded people. There is always something new to learn. I have read for many different people from all walks of life and even had celebrity clientele. Some of which I was very much in awe of: from soap opera stars, a Hollywood great, a famous fashion designer and an international footballer. Life's issues come to us all, rich or poor. There are times in our lives when we all need a little support and guidance.


such a wonderful person, honest, accurate, straightforward and right to the point. highly recommended:)
thank you for the reading :)
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