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Anita Marie
Anita Marie
Relationship Problems
Anita Marie


My reading style. I start by channeling my client's thoughts and personality. I'll ask for "Name and DOB" This helps me connect to you faster. The distance is not an issue, our subconscious connects us together. I will see you as if you are in the same room. I like to focus on the most important question you have. You don't give me answers, that's my job. We don't want to waste valuable time, it's better to be specific on the type of question asked. (Example. If wanting to know, "Will I start a new Job." If you haven't applied for a job yet... I will pick up feelings of doubt. "What's stopping you from taking that first step. " ) A reading from me will feel  comfortable, like talking to an old friend. Many say,"My style is unique." I'm very honest with my readings, meaning I prefer to be upfront in order to help clients succeed on their path. I'm not going to sugar coat my readings. Everything is done on the basis of healing. For clients to heal, I need to unravel the fog and put you in the know. Clients should come in to a session balanced. Scenery cleared of distractions. I don't like leaving until we both feel confident in our sessions.  Every reading I do is special. The ones that seem to connect the most are relationships. I've been with my partner going on 15 years. I'm able to keep the postie vibes by knowing what makes it work. The intuition to foresee any issues or problems that could arise, before they do. I can also do this for my clients. It gives me an upper hand in accurately delivering messages for love, life, and career.  Every question is wonderful! Please, never feel as if you can't ask something. I'm not judgmental. We are one in the same, just different paths that connect at the end. I've never seen a question too big or small. All questions have solutions. My spirit guide  helps gather every detail for clarity. Every reading is done with the best of my ability. Every client holds a special place in my heart! 


I'm a third-generation psychic. I've helped many clients locally and over the phone. 25 years of experience. My grandmother helped grow my abilities from a young age. I spend down time, studying astrology. I'm a Sagittarius but have also connected with Ophiuchus (13 sign) I've felt it gives me an upper hand in readings.  I consult in the tarot cards to help strengthen a reading. However, I'd rather use my instinctive abilities. I'm emphahtic to feelings. It's  hard to explain. Best way to relay this would be knowing when  something is hot. It comes to me naturally. I'm able to read people and who they are. I enjoy giving spiritual cleansing, when needed. If you have question's on your love life or looking for clarification.. I'm able to seek this out for you. Having a recurring dream? Not sure why? I'm able to see what it is about. Dreams are the window in one's inner self. I'm good with time frames and normally can see within a one year time. Depending on actions taking it may differ. I pride myself on Integrity and giving the most honest readings. I've helped and guided people all over the globe. I also like giving back by doing free readings in online chat forms. I'm very passionate in my readings and spend any downtime in study or nature walks.   

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Apr 29, 2018
thank you Anita
Apr 29, 2018
Apr 19, 2018
Apr 3, 2018
straightforward, accurate and honest :)
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