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My name is Myriame and I am an expert in love and relationships. I provide accurate and honest clairvoyant readings.  I use no tools or tarot cards for my readings to give you clarity, life guidance and time frame.  I have 10 years of experience, I am fast typist and my readings are without sugarcoating and no false promises. Do you feel confused ? Do you seek  real answers ? You want to know what someone feels or thinks about you? Are you wondering about the return of someone you loved ? You need guidance in your life situation ?I will give you true answers on all your questions, advice and give you clarity in your life. I am a clairvoyant, clairaudiant, emphatic and very intuitive person. I am in contact with my spirits guides and I will pass the messages and advice they have for you by using cards reading or no tools connection. It will be my pleasure to assist you and answer all your questions to help you reach your goals and offer you guidance on the path of your life. I give time frame too but remember that nothing is set in a stone. Fields : Love / Relationships / Travel / Moving / Finance / Career / Life / Guidance Advice / LGBT situationWhat to expect in a private : I will connect to your energy to give you the truth without sugarcoating. And not only a yes or no, but how to act and what to do to have what you want with realistic time frame. I give all my readings with respect and I am open mind.***On request, I use my tarot cards to give you a general reading of all the fields in your life***


I am born gifted and very intuitive. I discover my abilities when i was eight years old when I heard a voice in my mind and I know it was coming from my spirits around me. Ten years ago, I started to help my family and my friends and they were surprised how I could easily understand their situation and that my predictions were accurate. I help people online for five years now and my predictions come true. The different people I have met throughout my life easily trust me and I helped them to solve the different situations they faced throughout their lives. Whether for a career change , love and relationships, finances, it is my pleasure to use my abilities to help you today to make the best decisions and to help you for all issues in your life. You are not alone anymore.


Thank you
Such a nice trustworthy person...thank you so much! Thank God or someone up there, that they have blessed you with this wonderful gift! I fully trust you! Thank you, because of you I now have faith not just in other people but myself! Merry Christmas :") you have wiped my tears and mended my broken heartā¤
She was to the point and didnt waste my time like others. Made me a happy bunny
common sense
Great read! Very helpful and insightful! Will chat with her again!!!
Never picks up her call
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