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Angelina Draconis
Angelina Draconis
Career & Success
Angelina Draconis


I specialize in love and relationships specifically but can do many different types of readings including family, money, career, life path, and friendships. I do unable to read legal matters, as these situations change so quickly and unpredictably it is hard to get an accurate reading. I also am unable to connect to friends and relatives that have passed on. I am unfortunately not a medium and cannot decipher the feelings completely. Thank you so much for your understanding. During our reading, I will use both clairvoyance and tarot as the main tools available to me but can also read energies and auras. If tarot cards are drawn they will be explained to you fully with explanations as to how they pertain to you and your questions. I will connect with your energy and the energy of anyone who you feel pertains to the reading, and we will walk through what you are going through together. I am here to help you and want to guide you down the right path for you.


I am a practicing Kemetic Pagan witch of the last 19 years, professionally performing psychic readings for the last 18. I have done readings online, over the phone, and in person. I specialize in tarot and clairvoyance but am skilled at energy and aura reading and palms as well as have empathic skills so that I am truly able to read a situation in full. I am a skilled spell crafter and worker, often performing spells for protection and clarity but will not perform love or meddlesome spells in accordance with several codes of conduct. I have spent the last 18 years honing my craft, as I have been blessed with this gift as a child, often having prophetic dreams and the ability to read others energies. I am now ready to pass on those gifts to help you find the right path to place your feet on and begin to walk. I have always used my gifts as a way to help people, as that is truly my calling in life. I will use any and all of my gifts to find you the answers you seek. I have also been described as a gentle reader, being able to understand the gravity of your situation and tailoring how I deliver what I feel is in store for your to your energy and situation. If you are looking for a blunt reader, that is not what you will find here.




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