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Angelica Starseed


Hello! My name is Angelica and I am a very accurate intuitive empath and psychic clairvoyant clairsentient and clairaudient. 

I have always been very sensitive and quite good at picking up on other people's thoughts and feelings. 

I specialize in readings surrounding the following topics:

Love and Relationships including LGBTQ+ Relationships and Third Party
Career and Life Path Guidance

Are they thinking of me?
How do they feel?
Will they call me?
When will I hear from them?
Are they cheating? 
Will we reconcile? 
Will I get the job or promotion I am seeking?

I can help you with all of these questions and more.

I will connect with your energy and provide you with advice, clarity, and guidance to help you get the results that you are seeking from a situation. 

I want you to feel very comfortable speaking with me and I want you to know that you can tell me anything and trust that I will never judge you or share what you have told me with anyone. Thank you for visiting my profile today. I look forward to hearing from you and I wish you love light and blessings.


I have been very fortunate to come from a very long line of gifted women from Romania. My family's gifts and traditions date back for many generations. The women in my family helped, nurtured and encouraged me from a young age to practice my gifts and they also taught me how to perfect them and properly use them. Now that I am the last living woman of my family it is important to me that I carry on our traditions and use my gifts to help others.


I am very experienced with tarot, angel oracle cards, Sibilla playing cards, crystal ball, pendulum, runes, numerology and astrology for love and career advice and also 2 very special decks of cards passed down to me from my ancestors. I have been practicing with these since childhood. Depending on your situation and questions I will choose the right tools to help you gain the most clarity. I may choose one, some or all of the tools available to me as my goal is to be here for you and help you as best I can.


I use my intuition to help assist you and guide you in your current situation and future endeavors. I'm non judgemental, empathic, intuitive and compassionate. All walks of life are welcome, all races, ages, sexes, and orientations and you can trust that everything you tell me will stay between us. I will never share anything you tell me with anyone. Depending on your situation I will choose the right tools to help you and provide you with advice, clarity, and guidance on just about any topic you would like to explore.

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Janelle Alladin
sorry the chat ended up so abruptly but thank you! will definitely try to meditate more. blessings 🤍
Thank you for the reading. I failed to top up somehow lol.
But you were so fast at connecting as usual and i really appreciate that. Thank you
☹️wish I could talk longer but I’m out of funds you’re always so fast and OnPoint Angelica I miss talking to you. ❤️she’s the best of the best
Thank you for the reading. And i appreciate you very much for all the helps you give me. Have a nice day and God bless you!
cant afford more but thankyouu! x
Janelle Alladin
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