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Angelica Starseed


My name is Angelica and I am a very accurate intuitive empath and psychic clairvoyant.

I have always been very sensitive and quite good at picking up on other people's thoughts and feelings. I am here to be a true friend to you and to use my gifts to provide you with advice, clarity, and guidance. I will always be honest with you and will always look out for your best interests to help you get the results that you are seeking from a situation.

⏳Approximate Time Frames Given⏳

💬I am available for Live Chat often!
📞Please let me know if you prefer to Call Me
🗽I am in NYC (🕐EST Time Zone)

I specialize in readings surrounding:

❤Love and Relationships including Third Party
🌈LGBTQ+ Relationships
✋Life Path Guidance
🌛Dream Analysis
🕯Traditional and Folk Magic
📜Past Lives
😇Spirit Guides

I want you to feel very comfortable speaking with me and I want you to know that you can tell me anything and trust that I will never judge you or share what you have told me with anyone. Everyone is welcome. All ages, all sexual orientations, all cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

🕯I offer spell work as an add on service through live chat. Please make sure to inquire about my services. I will advise you on what to do and will also do the work myself remotely to ensure that we get you the results you are seeking.
I can do spells for the following purposes:

💞For Reconciliation of a Lost Love Interest or Loved One
💘To Attract Love and New Love Interests
🧿For Protection and Removal of Evil Eye
🚦To Cleanse Your Energy and Lift Blockages
💸To Attract Abundance and Prosperity

I will be using traditional spell work passed down to me through generations within my family. As long as you follow what I tell you to do carefully results will be guaranteed.

🚫I am not able to provide readings or advice surrounding:

🔎Missing People or Animals


I am very experienced with:
👼Angel Oracles
♣️ Sibilla and Playing Cards
✍Automatic Writing

I am a generational psychic of Romanian roots and traditions and I have been practicing with these since childhood.

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