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My name is Angelica. I'm here to help you with Relationship advice, Dream analyses, Numerology, and more... Relationship advice: Sometimes relationships can be challenging and perhaps your life isn't currently what you want it to be or you're almost at the point of giving up hope on love. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective on the situation. I’m here to provide you with that perspective and to offer you guidance through the darkness. Next to guidance, I will also provide you with a listening ear if needed and allow you the time you need to express your feelings about your circumstances. I'm nonjudgmental and all my conversations with you are always 100% confidential. Numerology: If you are frequently seeing repeating number sequences, you've just come to the right place. It may be the ultimate angelic sign and I'm here to decode what the angels are trying to tell you. Dream analyses: Dreams are part of our subconsciousness but are symbolic too. When you understand what your dream means, you can use it as a powerful self-help guidance tool. I'm here to help you achieve a better understanding of your dreams.


In addition to my spiritual way of understanding others, I have a substantial background and over 15 years experience in assisting my clients internationally and often remotely with the help of my angel guides. I have dedicated myself to making the strongest connections with each of my clients. My readings have helped them to approach their future with confidence and my work focuses and includes empowering others by giving intuitive insight and guidance. Spiritual connection is key and the work that I do is both helpful to my clients, fun for me, and is deeply aligned with my spiritual path. It's also very rewarding when clients contact me at their lowest point in life and we get to work together on a positive outcome. Don't hesitate to reach out to me. I also want to emphasise that I'm nonjudgmental and all my conversations with you are always 100% confidential.

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Very good reading!
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slow but I think she was connected
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