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It will take more then the 3 free Minutes to gather the information and Ask the Angels. If you only want 3 free minuets I am not for you I can See, Feel, Hear Angels. I provide Angel Messages directly from the Angels without Human Filters. I provide current year lessons based on month and day of birthday. I go to an energy line where I tune into the Angels and talk to them in energy based on the questions asked. I get answers at the time I do the actual reading. It is best to do live readings via phone for follow up questions. I specialize in relationships, career, spiritual development, love coaching and life lessons. I require month and day of your birthday and with whom you are questioning about Also please provide how long you have been in a relationship with the person or how long apart. For effective reading it is best to focus more on the questions and less on the story. I read bests with those who have a loving and positive attitude. I don't do areas entailing huge financial debts, medical ailments, drug or alcohol addictions, criminal cases or heavy drama. NOTE: If Phone disconnects please call again


I have been providing Angel Messages directly from the Angels without human filters since birth. I was born with this gift of seeing, feeling and hearing Angels and Ascended Masters. I hear them in the form of energy and convert it into words. I work best with those with a positive attitude and a loving heart. I am a certified hypnotist. I use colors and sounds in my hypnosis. People feel a sense of higher frequencies of energies when in a hypnotic state. I am a minister of love holding these higher vibrations of love during the channeled session. I authored 5 Books, EBooks, numerous relaxation CDs, MP3s, MP4s, a Talk on Spiritual Oneness and Inspirational Stickers. One of my books is a biography of my Angel Walk-in experience. It is up to the individuals to continue to keep a positive attitude and a loving heart so that the energies become more solid. When these energies become more solid new belief systems of a higher frequency are activated. The human ego subsides its ego control mechanism and flows in the moment with life and the lessons learned. I have media expertise in a variety of areas including the Angel and Team of Angels radio show.

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