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Angel Messenger


Please read all before contacting me, for accurate Angel Messages and to make sure I am appropriate for you. ❤️ Only those who are Loving are welcomed. ⚠️ As an Angel reader I DO NOT answer questions around time frames or people’s feelings. I do NOT read in these areas: black magic, addictions, money problems, criminal cases, or heavy negativity ❤️ I specialize in Angels, relationships, love, career, spirituality, personal development, numerology WHAT I OFFER: I channel Angels providing messages directly from them on: ❤️ Developing your Spirituality ❤️ Current lessons learning ❤️ Clarity on repeated numbers ❤️ Personal Awareness ❤️ Connecting to Universal Love ❤️ Enhancing relationships or preparing for a new one ❤️ Evolving life lessons ? I only do readings as a medium if it comes in during the reading. NOTE: If Phone disconnects please call


I have been providing Angel Messages directly from the Angels without human filters since birth. I was born with this gift. I work best with those with a positive attitude and a loving heart. I am also a certified hypnotist, minister of love, author of Books, EBooks, numerous relaxation CDs, MP3s, MP4 and online series to connect to universal love. It is up to the individuals to continue to keep a positive attitude and a loving heart so that the energies become more solid. I have media expertise in a variety of areas.

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Paula Rogers
such a nice reading, really amazing and was very right about my relationship
niloufar rahbari
nice helping lady
recommended, not many of the psychics on this app are worth much, this one is.
ran out of funds but wowwww so excellent and was on point!
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