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Angelic Jewel


Hi, my name is Jewel and I've been a psychic medium for over 30 years, and work as an intuitive guide. I can give accurate love, relationship and career advice, and connect with your loved ones on the other side. I work as a spiritual, life and relationship coach, as well. As an empath, I translate and read Energy to locate the issues and find the answers to your questions. I can do readings to find answers to your questions about love, relationships, career and many other things without using tools, or I can also do it by looking at things from several angles: through use of tarot and oracle cards, angelic connections, astrology, numerology, chakra, aura, crystal and energy readings. Talk with me if you want someone who is real and conducts readings with integrity. I'm direct with you, while infusing the reading with understanding and compassion. I strive to work for you with my Guides to help you on your path from a genuine, heart-centered place.


After having two near death experiences, at ages 6 and 15, arriving without a pulse at a hospital and being resuscitated both times, many gifts were opened up for Angelic Jewel and the way she perceives the world would never be the same. Once she realized the mystical experiences that abounded in her life were not common for most people, she began seeking answers and researching into the powers of the mind and energy. Over the course of three decades, Angelic Jewel studied as many things as she could find related to the subject, including psychic and mediumship development, energy healing, tarot and oracle card reading, Sacred Geometry, crystal and angelic healing, chakra clearing and balancing, Reiki, past life regression, various forms of meditation and mindfulness, including living and studying for 6 months at a Buddhist monastery, and studying the mystical ways of various indigenous cultures with an emphasis on nature-based shamanic healing. Her guiding principle is her Connection to Spirit and her Guides, and her desire to impart Love by being of highest Service to all.

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