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Hi I'm Cyndy I'm here offering spiritual insight on every aspect of life including love,career,finances,health and more. My preferred tools are tarot cards,angel cards,crystals and more I also do aura and chakra readings. I use these tools to pick up your spiritual energy and connect with you to answer those questions that have been bothering you for days,months even years. I can pick up on love relationship connections just by simply providing your name and date of birth.


Angelic Cyndy is a 3rd generation clairvoyant psychic and astrologists with over 25 years experience in helping people all over the world with her psychic gift. If you have questions regarding your love life Cyndy will open her tarot cards and give you the insight and advice that you have been waiting for providing you with clarity. Are you sure you are on the right career path? Cyndy can look into her crystal ball and help you get on the right path to success and prosperity. Call Cyndy today if you are looking for an honest reader that guarantees accuracy. All readings are kept strictly confidential


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