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Angela moon


I am a third generation psychic. I read tarot cards, angel cards, and I see auras. When you call me and tell me you need me to read my cards to you, I shuffle my cards, as I ask you to think of the three questions that you desperately need answered. I then ask you to keep them to yourself. And open your mind as I read you the answers the cards want you to know. After I read your cards, if you have further in depth questions, we can go in depth as far as you need in order to be satisfied. I will continue to pull all the cards you need for your answers to come to you. You will be satisfied by the end of your reading, and with an open mind, all of your answers will come to you through from my cards. All of my clients are pretty shocked.


When I was younger I would sense things would happen, before they happened. I have always had an interest in tarot cards. I have been doing readings for family and friends for a very long time. I see what the cards want me to see, I answer what the cards ask me to answer. My cards are pretty accurate. I helped a coworker of mine without even realizing it. I sensed he had a child, but she didn’t survive (he never said a word about her) when I told him her name and she was with him, protecting him. He looked into my eyes and I could sense the relief that he had. He said “thank you, thank you so much. How do you know, how did you. Know her name”. I know for sure, that brought closure to him, to say the least. I often sense other's emotions as well, and can often tell what’s bothering them without them saying anything.

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thank u so much
Brutally honest. felt like she knew me. very intuitive
she is on point and connected with me rite away. thank you so much for the insight
thank you
people call him Dom for short.
I'm not familiar with the blond guy your speaking about
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