Hi and welcome to my page my name is Angela I am a fifth generation psychic which means I have many different psychic abilities that not many psychics may have I have been giving readings in person and over the phone for 11 years I am 100% honest at all times I have helped many people worldwide what their questions and problems  also addictions there is no problem to big or too small if you are ready to handle the truth and ready to take that road that is meant for your destiny I am here thanks blessings to all....


I have 11 years of experience. I also am a proud owner of my psychic shop in Illinois/Indiana I offer many different services search has tarot card readings through the trouble of tool cards which allows me to pick up on past present and future also love and finance. My second specialty is psychic readings through the tools of psychic readings which allows me to pull energies and to pick up on questions that aer in need of answers I also specialize in chakra an aura readings I'm also pet psychic Haswell I have helped many of my clients get through their problems being a psychic coach a psychic coaches is somebody that is there when nobody else's is I am not judge mental I am a very open and honest psychic I am also a psychic healer which means healing the mind body soul and spirit I can help you if you are having problems such as relationship questions reuniting love ones Financial problems feeling negative haveing sleeping problems and much more.i am here to answer and help with all problems and question of life One phone call will give you the right answers of life be aware of the truth and nothing but the truth I am ready the question is are you..

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Love and Sex Breakup and Divorce Rider Waite Cards Soulmates Other Tarot Cards Clairvoyant Readings Karma and Past Life Family Advice Channeling Psychic Mediums Parents and Children Dating Advice Angel Readings Angel Cards Cheating and Affairs Crowley Cards Crystal Ball Relationship Advice Occult Readings Dream Analysis Tea Leaves Career Advice Spiritual Reading Psychic Reading Automatic Writing




no for what?
i hope all go well
mind blowing!!!
always a very good conversation with positive advice and much positive insight. a very caring person who is good for the soul. thank you!
always helpful. answers quickly and honestly. positive and insightful.
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