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Where is the relationship going? What is the long-term potential for this relationship? What can I learn about my relationship right now? Am I ready for a committed relationship? Honest, no-fluff, but life-affirming and illuminating, you'll never be left in the dark with Intuitive Therese Heart's guidance! With 4 years expertise in divination and psychic ability certified by one of the world's most sought after intuitives (Deborah King of HayHouse), Therese can answer your most pressing love, life, career, and personal & psychic development questions with straightforward accuracy. Intuitive Therese is Clairvoyant - See trending outcomes, opportunities coming, remote viewing, visions Clairaudient - Guidance in the form of words, phrases, sentences and sounds. Clairsentient - Empathy, ability to walk in someone else's shoes and find out their behavior and thinking (with consent and for the highest good of all), Claircognizant - Psychic knowing. A deep knowing that is also known as discernment, to know the truth from the false, what is helpful, and what is noise. Medium - Relay messages from spiritual Guides such as Angels and departed loved ones. Speciality: Clairvoyant insight is the strongest. When I am unable to receive visions, I can 'listen' or clairaudiently listen for words, sentences, for guidance. I also communicate Question and Answer style with the Angels and Guides I connect to. I use all of my skills and tools to get the answers you need. The guidance you recieve may not be what you are ready to accept, but it will help you in the long run because you can and will be happy, have the finances and relationships you desire - I will show you WHAT and HOW. How you choose to proceed with your life with the insight given is up to you.


"4 Keys to Metamorphosis" Life Advice and Live Guidance - 2018 Radio Show Special Guest for Angel Navigation segment of International Angels Network (NYC) which has featured top HayHouse intuitives such as Colette Baron Reid and Raleigh Valentine. Guest-starred at Monster RX93.1 in 2016 for “Year-end Countdown” for an interview and live readings. Extensive background in psychic arts and psychology so information is delivered in a responsible manner. (2018) Certificate Remote Viewing Advanced with Stacey Tallitsch. Certified Spirit Guide Coach with Deborah King Center. Certified R.E.B.T. Diploma (with 10hrs CPD credit) with Libby Seery. (2017) Certified Angelic Medium and Mentor™ (AMM™) by International Association of Angel Practitioners. Certified Integrated Wellness (IW) Coach Level 1 Diploma (10hrs CPD credit) with Libby Seery. Certificate in Remote Influencing (Manifesting with Remote Viewing Technique) with Stacey Tallitsch. Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner Diploma with Tania Magdalene; Accredited by International Association of Therapists. (2016) Certified Money Reiki Usui Reiki Ryoho Practitioner Level 1 attuned by Master Rebecca Nulliah. 500+ Readings of Experience since 2015. 80+ Testimonials on Facebook and Instagram Homepage.

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