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I offer Angel and Oracle card readings. I deliver supportive messages of healing and love from your Angels and Guides. I offer intuitive counseling on relationships – both romantic and platonic. I can help you with: finding clarity in making decisions, finding your next move in life, connecting you to your higher self, connecting to your Angels and Guides, connecting you to your gifts and to your life purpose. I specialize in romantic relationship readings. I can help you with the following questions. Ask me about my specialty “Why isn’t He Giving Me What I Want?” reading. When will I find my soulmate? Is this love true or is he just using me? Is my relationship toxic? Is he my soulmate? I can also help you with: o Connecting you to your true self so you can stop feeling drained and create more balance in your relationships. o Supporting you in healing a situation that has felt like something you can't get past. o Connecting you with your intuitive abilities, your gifts and your life purpose. How I give my services: I am able to tune into your energy, to see what it is you truly want and need. I also tune into your partner’s energy, tuning into what he or she wants and needs. The cards help me clarify your needs, what might be blocking you from getting your needs met and how you might resolve this. My Reading Style: Friendly, Helpful, Thorough, Compassionate, Patient I’m Clairsentient (clear feeling) and Claircognizant (clear knowing) which means I get messages from my feelings and thoughts. I also receive messages through my other senses but clear feeling and knowing are my strongest senses. I’m a natural channel and I began channeling music at a young age and did not realize I could channel Angels until much later.


I am a highly sensitive Angel Channel, Empath, and Spiritual Counselor. I share messages from your Angels and Guides, your team of Pure Light, as well as channel healing energies from them for your highest good. I have been reading Angel and Oracle cards for over three years online and in-person at fairs and events. I am certified as a Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Master Healer and Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor. I offer healing sessions both online and in-person. I teach certification classes and lead meditation in-person. My healing journey began when I started listening to my soul in 2012. I always knew I had a purpose and always wanted to help people. For much of my life, I did not understand my gifts and spent many years people-pleasing--letting others take advantage of my kindness and trying to ‘save’ people from their problems--instead of taking care of my own needs. Being sensitive is a gift, but I had to learn how to use it, so that I wouldn’t become used by it. My empathic abilities made it easy for me to help others, by knowing what they wanted and needed and what they might not be saying. Without even realizing it, I was helping others as a Spiritual Counselor in my personal and work relationships. I didn’t realize I was any different from others. In 2012, I realized I was able to channel messages from Angels. I went through a massive transformation – a journey back to my heart and soul where I completely changed my life from working in a corporate office job for a Fortune 500 company to recognizing my psychic and intuitive gifts, becoming a certified energy healer and leaving all toxic and abusive relationships and learning to set boundaries with others. I began taking charge of my life, instead of feeling controlled by others because of my gifts. Once I began recognizing my spiritual gifts and strengthening my intuitive abilities and strong connection to the Angels through regular practice, I knew I wanted to help others learn and heal from the same patterns I did. My specialty is helping people who over-give and people-please to create loving relationships with themselves through self-acceptance, self-awareness and developing self-worth and self-esteem. Only once we know and love ourselves can we create truly healthy, loving and balanced relationships.

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