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Angel Shawn
Angel Shawn
Life Coaching
Angel Shawn


Key Elements:Psychic, Spiritual Reader, Emphatic, Astrologer, Tarot, Clairvoyant, unlock the cosmic forces, and enlighten your path in Love, Career, Finances, Relationships, reunions and every matter of life.I can help you with your Love, Relationship, career and financial related issues; I have Spiritual energies which help me to connect with you to get answers and to look into your love situation.My Abilities:I do Tarot readings and Psychic readings with the help of my angel guides. I can help you find your soul mate and get your Love back easily. I would need a little time to get connected with you and any other person around you to tell you their true feelings towards you.Understanding yourself is mandatory to have the relationship you're longing for. I can help you understand yourself, as well as to understand the one you love or with whom you would love to live. I have a number of clients from all over the world and they are having great life after having my insights and advice.The most important and life altering gift that I can possess is the ability to quickly tune-in to the events in your past that are directly responsible for the connections that you make today. I have Spiritual guides that will stay with me during your reading when and if they choose. The information from the guides will be specific for you.You will get what you are seeking, Only Truth!!! I won't tell you nice lies to keep you calling back. With me, you will always get the truth, the whole truth. I serve only the Light and never lead you on or waste your time.It is only my true passion to help others with my god given talents. I will answer your most pressing questions or even if you not have any specific question, I am able to perform general readings as well.


I have been giving psychic readings for the last ten years as I am well experienced and most of my predictions come true. My Clients are always satisfied and have a better solution for their problems.Try me and you won't be disappointed Love and Light, Angel Shawn




May 12, 2016
awesome as always !
May 5, 2016
ty so much you have put my mind at ease will keep u updated
May 4, 2016
thank you :)
Apr 15, 2016
Thank you for the positive feed back! Always appreciate your advice!
Apr 14, 2016
He gave me some great advice and hope!
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