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My name is Psychic Angel. I am offering psychic readings and tarot/oracle card spreads! 

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I enjoy working with clients regarding their personal issues and or areas of concern. I have been reading clients for several years.
My experience includes reading tarot and oracle cards. Spirit aligns me with your energy and allows me to connect to your angels. 
As an angel reader, I can detect the angel(s) working with you currently. Angels are messengers of God. The angels can offer you the highest path to live your life and narrow down the correct path in order to achieve your life’s destiny. 
I also use my psychic abilities to conduct psychic readings. These topics include and are not limited to: divorce, marriage, relationships, work, education, and love advice
I am a young and eager reader who is very passionate about sharing my gift with clients. I can help you identify your own strengths and abilities. The oracle and or tarot cards can be provided to the client to further specify the guidance spirit has to offer. 
I also offer psychic medium sessions to those who would like to connect to their loved ones.


I am a natural gifted reader and clairvoyant. I utilize my senses to decide and decipher information from spirit. I can interact with spirit by meditation and focusing in on the messages from Heaven meant specially for you! These meditations include positive vibrations, love healing frequencies, chakra cleansing, and angel meditations. As a psychic medium, I can connect to the spirit world and angels. Also, I enjoy working with angels to determine the right path for the client. Spirit offers insight into a person’s life. The most popular archangels are Michael, Ariel, and Jophiel. I can provide information to you regarding your past, present, and future. Through meditation, I can connect and engage with spirit as many times as necessary. Through this process of connection, I have experienced many epiphanies and realizations about the client. As a messenger of spirit I can consolidate information quickly and clearly, without sugar-coating. I am a non-judge-mental reader and accurate.

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