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Angels are ready to answer all sorts of questions and offer healing in every area of your life. They will help us find our best PRESENT to be able to work on a better future. My work is to give you the messages you can't hear or see. To help you unblock your vibration and tune into your higher self. The messages will be around whats your in your magnetic fiel, aura and chakras. When we unlock the present moment and free our vibrations we will find our path easier and faster. They know that people and the circumstances around a particular issue can quickly change. What may be true in one moment may not be true in the next because the energies are in constant flow AND change. Focusing on Healing Vibrations  My work with Angels is to serve as guide, as a source for the information to come to you. They will help you understand the source of your relationship challenges, past and present, and help you to understand and heal the underlying causes. They will assist in bringing more prosperity and abundance into your life with specific tools. Angels also love to channel healing energy by directing energy to cleanse and release negative or stuck energy in your chakras or energy centers and then energize these life force centers with positive angelic healing energy. They can revitalize your energy level and teach you to care for your own health, improve health. They are willing and ready to send energy healing to your family and loved ones as well.


Personal 101. Indigo Children. My son is an indigo, and I learned that my gift was to be able to help him and others like him. Had to learn a lot, but most of the information came tome as Downloads of data, I had to search and research some of the information I received, due to Metaphysics not being my major. I'm an artist, Designer, vibrating with my ART, Music and imagination. Now I have to understand a lot of data that came to me. My son understand it just by reading it, I have to read twice, but we are all in this journey together.Helping people to get their downloads of data is a pleasure, a passion. I love to help, volunteer and share with the world.

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