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I am a natural psychic, Angel communicator, and tarot reader. 😇

I can help you to see what's going on in your life more clearly, and I can also help you to work towards creating solutions. I focus on life-path readings as well as love, relationships, and finance. 

I receive divine messages and guidance from the Angels and Spirit, often channeling messages for my clients. I am a mere channel for the information and messages that come for you through me... I give thanks for my gift. 👼

Everybody has free will, and everyone is capable of changing their own destiny. I can show you possible futures which you can allow to happen, or you can change something now to help avoid it. I can help you to not only see what is going on in your life more clearly, but I can also help you to discover how to work towards creating solutions to your problems.

My services:

  • Spell removal - free you from dark magic spells and/or hexes and thoroughly cleanse your aura afterward. 
  • Energetic cleansing - clear you of all low-frequency vibrations (negativity) you might have absorbed from other people or places


I have over 25 years of 'Professional' experience reading cards but have been reading since 1982. 

At the moment I tend to use the Tarot cards mostly, (my favorite deck is the RWS) and I often complement the readings with Angel cards, which give a different, more gentle energy and also serve as a confirmation. 

I am also an expert in reading the Runes if you would like to request them. 

I teach courses and seminars, both in-person and online, on Angel communication, psychic development, and Runes. I also work with Akashic records and have a gift for reading past life experiences. 

I can offer you a down-to-earth reading, I won't hold back and I say what I see, always with compassion and truth.

If you need guidance with:

  • love
  • relationships
  •  finance 

I will be able to consult the cards for you. The answers I receive come through me from the Divine, the Angels, Spirit, or whatever you want to call it. I use the cards as my tool for connecting with those messages.

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Jun 24, 2021
Thank you very much! I appreciate the insight.... very accurate and helpful.
Jun 24, 2021
May 18, 2021
Mar 24, 2020
Thank you 🙏🏼 I understood the aspects :)
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