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Andreas is very familiar with the old world’s divination methods and cartomancy: Be it Skat- , Lenormand- , Kipper-, Tarot Cards, or the Gypsy Oracle -  he knows reading these fortune-telling cards in a very traditional style. Andreas offers you always a classic card reading; nothing more, but also nothing less than that. In his readings, Andreas passes on to you the messages of the cards in a neutral & unbiased way - without mixing the cards’ message with his own personal intuition or opinion. The cards’ words can be important to find answers to life’s questions or to take a closer look at upcoming events or current situations. He does not offer to you a general reading - because there is always at least one question that led you to the cards and your question should be answered by them. That is what cartomancy is for. That is how it works. 


Andreas follows a tradition of card readers: From an early age he learned to live with the rules of the spirit world and while growing up he was taught traditional divination methods such as using a pendulum, reading coffee grounds & palmistry. And he was taught to pass on the messages the cards were giving. So, he has read cards since he was 15, looking at upcoming events and unraveling the secrets of the future. Andreas has been working with different decks of cards, always using the old world's traditional divination methods for more than 25 years now & in 4th generation in his family. Throughout those years, this had lead him to reading for clients worldwide and create a presence in TV, social media & print media. Besides his main profession as a card reader, he has already published books about traditional fortune telling and teaches cartomancy to those who are interested in learning.


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thank you Andreas. 🙏🏻❤️
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Jan 21, 2023
fast honest and accurate
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