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My specialty is using the Tarot as a narrative frame for our spiritual lives. It is a guidepost, a compass, and a map we can use to access the hidden stores of knowledge we all possess simply by being human. I am happy to provide many different types of Tarot readings including: - Advice on what to focus on for the coming week or month - General readings for the next 12 months - Specialized readings about love, career, and spiritual guidance - Messages from deities, spirits, and ancestors - Personality insight spreads to give a better sense of your self I also can provide intuitive counseling and guidance for those seeking healing from emotional and spiritual trauma. I am happy help you in whatever way I can. I accept and embrace clients from all walks of life, especially: - those who fall in the LGBTQ umbrella - those who are trans and/or nonbinary - those who are otherkin or multiple systems - trauma survivors - those living with mental illness such as eating disorders and depression/anxiety - those with neurodivergence such as autism and ADHD. I am not a medical professional and cannot provide clinical help and treatment, but I can provide compassion, respect, and the ability to hold space for you. I am glad to work with clients of any religion or lack thereof. I am currently a witch, Pagan, and druid and would love to connect with clients of a similar background! I also have more than two decades of experience as a practicing Christian born and raised (who also attended a Lutheran college and has a degree in Religious Studies). I believe that we can all find help and wellness by accessing these intuitive fonts that are humanity's birthright. As a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Capricorn Ascendant, I truly enjoy getting to know people and getting to the heart of emotional and spiritual matters. I would be honored to be your guide in your life's journey.


I am called to priesthood and part of my goddess-led training is to serve as a conduit and guide. I have been reading Tarot cards for over a decade and currently read professionally with my spouse. My first deck in 2007 was Crowley's Thoth Tarot, followed by Tarot of the Animal Lords and the Wildwood Tarot. I currently use the Rider Waite, Shadowscapes, Ostara, and Wild Unknown decks for readings. I am skilled at creating custom Tarot spreads for clients depending on their situation and any specific questions they may have. I have recently devoted myself to the study of Western astrology after a natal chart reading changed my life in 2013. I include the current Sun and Moon signs with all Tarot readings (even for myself!) and seek to inform my clients about current astrological influences. I believe a client's Sun and Moon signs are both necessary for helping a client understand their place in the world and how any psychic reading applies specifically for them. I also have experience with various oracle cards, intuition, dream interpretation, and claircognizance ("clear knowing"), all of which I have utilized over the past decade. To a lesser extent I am familiar with the Elder Futhark runes, pendulums, and the Celtic ogam system. I am used to mixing and matching tools as needed for the situation and am glad to make or take suggestions to provide greater insight to my Tarot readings. I have read for over 100 clients upon starting my journey with Zodiac Psychics and I am eager to add to that number. I am especially skilled with psychic tools as a means to communicate with the spirit realms, whether you need to access a deity, ancestor, or other type of spirit. I have created specific spreads for conveying messages from our beloved dead who have crossed over, as well as many personalized readings for communication with gods, goddesses, angels, spirit guides, and many other ethereal persons.

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Dec 11, 2017
Practical and direct to the point. Very precise in description and good choice of words .
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