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I am a direct descendant of indigenous people, formed in the ancestral traditions and practices from which I can help any person in their personal, professional, personal situation, etc, work from the communication with the ancestral spirits who reveal the messages for each danod person thus a personalized guide for each person, handling tarot Aztec, mhuysqa as well as consultation with pendulum and indigenous ancestral numerology, spiritual healing, reeqeuilibrar the energy of any person as well as solve past spiritual debts to free from ties and facilitate good energy to have a clean and unstained path ... I advise men and women in their sentimental situation from their elementary and astrological ancestry Mhuysqa and Aztec to reveal the destiny and future ... handling disciplines of good thought, universal elemental awareness and the use of stones of power for each person according to their sign and elementary, as well as practical advice to improve every difficulty with the use of plants, essences, candles among others.


I have more than 15 years of experience helping hundreds of people in many situations such as improving or healing from their body, their spirit, balancing their energy to develop the ability to be able to control their own emotions, I have also taught many people to take care of themselves spiritually and energetically as well as his family, friends, acquaintances and others. I have also advised other thinkers and leaders in different disciplines in the science of the spirit, helping to maintain balance personal, family, work, territorial, universal among others ..... daily advise who needs it in any subject .. ... with the help of the ancestral knowledge of cultures such as Mhuysqa and Aztec 2 of the most evolving cultures in the pre-Columbian era, whose knowledge and knowledge are similar to the Egyptians, Sumerians, Druids, Celts, Greeks among others ... This knowledge that I have learned and developed since I was a child by several wise men and traditional doctors I have worked in these 15 years permanently giving the ability to heal by plants, candles, prayers, prayers, reyki among others .... always from the beginning of helping and never hurting or doing anything against someone ..

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Absolutely terrible, I spent almost all of my money and 10 minutes and still don’t know the answer smh
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thanks a lot for your advice!
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