I am Anaisa, a clairvoyant and medium. I have worked openly with the public for a really long time, I offer Spiritual and psychic readings with quick and detailed answers. I can guide you in regards to any situation you may be facing or feeling worried about. All I need from you is a genuine and open attitude to allow me to connect even better. My areas of expertise include matters of love (I link in fast with people’s thoughts and feelings so this always comes in handy when reading about someone’s interest or intentions., family, friendships, and co-worker relations, as well as dream interpretation and general messages from spirit are also areas in which I can read for you. As a medium I am able to connect or forward messages from deceased loved ones (please keep in mind this all depends on whether or not the person in question actually wants to come forward) regardless answers can still come through about questions regarding a departed individual. I am bi-lingual, hablo español!


With my experience as a psychic and spiritual advisor, I can guide you through anything that has to do with your spirituality, love related concerns, your personal goals, and any questions about your current and future path to take. I have specialized for many years in the area of love and relationships, employment, dream interpretation, spiritual cleansing, and spiritual protection. I am very dedicated and committed to giving the best of me when it comes to giving others the help and answers they seek and need. I have worked openly with the public for over 10 years, my psychic and spiritual abilities (such as being able to see, hear, feel, sense, and identify energies and spirits) help me tune in with past, present, and future, this is exactly how I am able to pick up on what you need to know about the people or situations you may want to ask about. I connect quickly without having to ask for any information at all. I assure you honest, direct, and clear answers for all your concerns!

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As always i am greatful to talk to you. You bring clarity to my confusions. Highly recommended. Will go back to you for another reading. Thank you
thank you !!! I will keep my head up. very precious advice
Thank you so much. Very detailed and consistent. It was a good reading.
love her style of reading, pretty straight forward
awesome reading ! she is good
was get wish I had more time
thanks anaisa I have stuff to talk Bout my work too , let me know if you could give me few minutes please
anaisa please could you help me with few minutes
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