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ACCURATE PSYCHIC READINGS & DREAM DETECTIVE I am nonjudgmental reader. LGBTQAI+ and worried about something? Talk to me. Cheating or having an affair and looking for guidance? Talk to me. Feeling ashamed but need help? Talk to me. I will not judge you, my line is a safe space. I have 10+ years of experience as a practicing psychic and reader. When I read for love, I read the entire relationship, past present and future to give my clients the best advice. When it is for career, I look not just at the present job but at the situations and relationships that surround their life. I also work with clients on their inner lives. If you have ever felt off and not known why, or had a feeling as if you were drifting and unable to find what you really wanted, my readings will help you find your path and peace in your life. I am friendly and down to earth. I am not going to speak around an issue, I tell my clients how things are and why they are while giving them a practical map so they can make the best choices for themselves. I am only a guide, a helping hand.


NATURAL BORN READER I have been reading tarot and interpreting dreams for 10+ years. I was born with gifts but only cultivated them when I was older. I use mainly the cards but I can also read wax and smoke, bones, and I Ching. I can contact spirit guides and ancestors for clients. My readings are more than just basic card meanings, I read intuitively to get down to the real meanings and communications behind the energy. For dreams I go beyond just the simple meanings. Dreams are complex creatures and can mean so much more than what any book lists the various symbols as. This gives my clients a deep and holistic view of what is happening around them and with them, both inside and out. Life is complex and often messy. Come to me for readings that will help you sort out the tangle of your life so that you can move forward in freedom and confidence.

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thanks amigone
Jun 4, 2018
amigone please could you help me with few minutes
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wonderful, accurate and straightforward:)
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good advice
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