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Amethyst Rain
Amethyst Rain
Love & Relationships
Amethyst Rain


Amethyst Rain communes with her Indonesian ancestors before starting each session. As she listens to your question she focuses generations of Indonesian knowledge handed down from grandmother to granddaughter on your concern. She also confirms details through the use of Tarot cards and her study of Numerology and Astrology. She is here to help you move forward with life decisions and analyze the past. She will help you craft a better future together with loved ones or alone as you travel to seek the ones you are destined to meet. She specializes in sharing metaphysical guidance in the areas of crisis, change, familial relationships, spirituality, and love. She will help you connect with your inner “you” so that you can live your life to the fullest. She has studied for years to perfect her gifts while traveling throughout the world, and wants to share her insight with you. Amethyst is all about positive energy and how your choices help shape your power..


I am an experienced psychic reader and have been helping people with my gifts for over 15 years. My energies and psychic healing have helped people all over the country as I have studied to further my psychic power within different walks of life as I travel. My past lives have taught me to be open to the energies that surround us and feel the strengths the earth and moons have to offer. My current life has taught me the joy of helping others and I will focus this passion in helping you achieve your goals and obtain the answers you seek. The tarot cards have helped me connect with many people over the years and I will use my psychic knowledge to help you with your concerns, whether its crisis, change, familial relationships, spirituality, or love. I detail my readings to your specific needs. No one reading is the same for each person. The truth lies in the cards and the cards hold the answers to life’s many mysteries, and I can’t wait to help you uncover your truth!!

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