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Amelia Love Tarot


Hello and welcome. I adore all my clients and I want to make sure you get the most accurate reading possible. My method is to the point and very detailed. My favorite type of readings is relationships. I understand bad relationships, broken hearts, crushes that go on for years, wanting to be with someone that act as if they don't feel the same. I have also experienced cheaters, liars, betrayal and unimaginable pain and frustration with my past relationships. Despite all of those bad things, I am in love with a wonderful passionate man that shows me every day how much he cares. I can help you get the same in your life. Therefore, I am your favorite psychic and tarot reader bringing the most awesome power of intuition, empathy, clairvoyance and telepathy. I also do other readings regarding money and career. Thank you for taking the time to read. Many blessings to you.


I have 15 years’ experience doing tarot reading professionally online, phone and face to face. I also have 20 years’ experience as a psychic using my clairvoyant and clairesence abilities. My first experience as a psychic was when I was in my early 20's. I could immediately finish people sentences. I gave them their Pin numbers that was forgotten or lost that I never had access to. It did not require any thought or effort. As I became older my ability became stronger and I started having visions and premonitions. Around that same time, I stumbled on to tarot at a local fair. I had my reading done, I was fascinated by it and begin to study obsessively for many years. I started doing tarot readings for others face to face at my job and then went on to do it online. Tarot is magical, intuitive and with the right skill wonderfully accurate. Tarot readings is my passion and helping people with this gift is a dream come true.

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worth it
Great read!! I will come back after I have results
thank you! she connected well with me and situation and will definitely come back
thanks so much!
hi thanks , if you can provide minutes please do so else just see the commitment date and thank u so much :) what you said earlier happened already
would like to continue the conversation but ran out of funds so fasssst. would appreaciate if you could give me 3minutes credits.
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