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I can provide insightful information regarding love, relationships, career, money, children, relocation, past lives and more! Readings can be done with various Tarot decks. My readings are 100% truthful and while you may not want to hear something I have to say, just remember nothing is set in stone and there are always ways for alternative paths to appear! I can also do readings using runes, crystals, or spiritual guides. Healings can be done with Reiki or crystals. I can also provide extremely detailed Astrology reports, including progressions, relocations, and compatibility!  I have had intensive training in many metaphysical fields such as Tarot, Astrology, Crystals, Dream Interpretation! 


My predictions have come true as I don’t give false hopes but the Truth. I don’t waste your time but tell as it is. *Sometimes you feel unloved, neglected or dispersed as having the fears that there should not be any person who can get advantage of your any wrong step.You do not want to be rejected by others or select the wrong person for you. I can tell you if there is still love in your relationship (past or present) I can tell you if the person you are involved with is even right for you. I know that you want to feel appreciated for the hard work you put into making a relationship work. There’s nothing more hurtful than being betrayed or emotionally traumatized. Especially if there is a distance between you and another person (physically or emotional) this causes anxiety, stress, sometimes even guilt. I will make sure to help you to find the way to a better life and to gain much happiness.I have been a Psychic over 15 years. My readings are direct,honest and extremely accurate.


She gave me hope about a new job, move and love. She saw him for who he is as well as seeing who I am.
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