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I was born with Psychic gifts and have been helping clients for 46 years on: Relationships & Love, Career Path and Money, Health & Happiness, Spirituality and Self-discovery, Location and Timing.


I am a Master Astrologer and Guild Certified Tarot Grandmaster. My tools are decades of experience as a Life Coach, a college degree in Astrology and a lifetime of reading the Tarot. I specialize in teaching you clear communications skills and help you with your relationships. To clear and rejuvenate you I utilize the power and sound of my voice and the healing energy of my training as a Reiki Master. I teach you to relax and be happier and healthier by teaching you Yoga Philosophy and Meditation. Discover your Dharma, your true calling in life and be blissfully happy through self-realization and transformation!


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she was nice... I just don't think we connected well. I was kind of confused. and I was completely lost at the "4 agreements"
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